Trucks and Tofu

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Thought I should drop a quick line since I haven’t in a few days…. Not much is new here. The same old, same new information to cram into my brain! 🙂 Well, new information, plus reviewing old information, practicing talking, lots of thinking and the careful application of common sense. Too much can sometimes get you in trouble around here – generally when it comes to weather observing. I have also been eating a lot of tofu lately, due to the menu being rather crappy in general. I just don’t like pork chops, I don’t care what you say! And we seem to be having them way too often. And pasta that has a nice light orange cheese-looking sauce that turns out to taste like Frank’s Red Hot!! I had tears in my eyes! And chicken kiev should not squirt oil when you cut into it, should it? Hmmm, seems to me it shouldn’t. So, the vegetarian stir fry is often the best option, and at least the tofu texture it not bad… it’s not nearly as mushy as the cooked vegetables!! 🙂

The “trucks” in the title refer to the vehicles that we are practicing controlling. It is kind of fun, but it adds a whole other level of complexity to the situation when you have a plane landing. Also, I think the days of clear blue skies in the sim are over. We learned about giving weather info to pilots today, and I think that from now on, it will be either blizzards, tornadoes, or thunderstorms!! Should be interesting!

That’s it for now… I am in the sim first thing in the morning, and I still need to exercise, review a little more and talk to myself for awhile… reading weather reports out loud, in case you were wondering… 🙂


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