Don’t Take it Personally!

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Have you ever had a day that felt like 2 days long? Well, last week was made up of days like that. So, by Wednesday, I was thinking it should be Friday, and unfortunately, it wasn’t! For one thing, we were on afternoons, which means that class only starts after lunch and goes until 8 pm, or if we have sim runs, we go as late as midnight. Anyhow, this is a new week, and we’re back on days, so I’m sure it will be better.

Not a lot new… We had 3 sim runs last week, including the first night run (on Wednesday). That was pretty cool. Instead of seeing the tiny dots against the sky, we could see the tiny lights of planes approaching. Since I used to be an astronomer, I felt right at home! It didn’t take long to get used to at all. Except you can’t judge distances very well, so you have to go more by what the pilots say. And since one of the other classes was using our simulator, we were using the ATC simulator. The airport is exactly the same, but the set up in the sim is different. And the console is made of light teal green metal – I felt like I was at NASA!! In our sim, the console is made of grey laminate (counter top material). Anyhow, it was a really busy run, but I actually did pretty good, so I was happy about that. On Friday’s run, we were back to daytime situation, but we had added vehicle control, so that was different. For a combination of reasons, I did not do as well, and got a few low scores, so that was not good. The scores don’t count for anything in the long run, but I still just felt bad because I had messed up so much. Anyhow, I have been reviewing, so I should do much better on Monday’s run. We only have 2 runs this week, except that we also have some practice in other sims. Besides the 180 degree sim, we also have a FIC simulator (I think I mentioned this before – it’s just a room with consoles it it, with no graphics, but you can do the rest in your imagination) and a MIDS lab, which is a computer lab filled with computers running the software that we use to exchange info across Canada. So, we have runs in all 3 sims this week, so that should be interesting.

Well, I should get going. I usually come down to the computer room to listen to church on the internet on Sunday mornings. This week, it’s not on… not sure why. No, I do not sleep in – I find doing that messes up my internal clock too much, and I lose too much time. I will probably have a nap though. I was up late, in part due to being out wth Susi! She picked me up and we drove to a nearby town to meet up with her boyfriend for supper. It was GREAT! So nice to see her again, and Stuart also, and spend time with a good friend!

One last thing: Joyce gave me a cute little book, about 4 agreements we make with ourselves and others. It sounds a bit strange, but if you think about it, we have mental agreements to act a certain way in a certain situation…. Well, the agreement I am the reading about at the moment is about not taking things personally. People may do things that we feel like taking personally, but as a matter of fact, we are not responsible for what others do, and they are doing it for their own reasons, that we usually cannot know, and if we chose to take it personally, we are only internalizing something that comes from that other person. Does that make sense? So, why let what someone else thinks or does bother you? If it is rude or impolite, that just shows the person’s true colours and you don’t need to be that person’s friend, but it doesn’t have to bother you personally. Anyhow, that’s my tidbit of wisdom for the week!

Take care everybody!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Take it Personally!

    Patricia said:
    December 14, 2005 at 12:25 am

    What a coincidence, Ter! I just picked up The Four Agreements from the library today, I’d heard it recommended on one of the websites I hang out at. Plan to read it over the holidays. Glad to hear another vote for it.

    Hang in there! When do you get home?

    Teresa said:
    December 16, 2005 at 12:59 am

    Hi Pat!

    I’ll be getting home around 5:30 pm (if everything’s on schedule) on the 23rd. Me and 10,000 other people flying that day…. Can’t wait to be home! Can’t wait to see ya! 🙂


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