Brain Mush

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Maybe it’s just because it’s Friday… maybe it’s because we learned an awful lot this week (I measured about 1.25 inches of paper, in Aviation alone!) … maybe it’s because we had 3 sim runs this week… but whatever the reason, my brain is mush. Pretty cooked right now. So, it might not be a very interesting blog tonight. Then again, maybe it will be more interesting… 🙂

A couple concerns I have noticed. While the guys in my class are great, I am wishing for a little female company. I know that women can exchange hormones/pheromones… I wonder if I have more testosterone in my body, due to hanging around with men all the time. And I mean all the time – all my classmates, all my instructors, who else is there? So, I have to bite my tongue quite a fair bit, because they just don’t understand, and I wish I could just say what I want. But, you can only do that around the very most-trusted of friends… none of which are here in Cornwall. Oh, well. When I want some female company, I just hang out by myself – how pathetic is that?!?!

I have also noticed my language taking a turn for the worse. I am not talking about my communication skills – if anything, they are improving quite a bit. I am talking about my slang. I would like to apologize in advance to my mother, who I know will not like some of my current word usages, as well as my sister, for any bad words that I may inadvertently introduce to her two kids. Sorry. I am doing my best not to pick up these words, and really try not to say them, but I am surrounded by it a lot of the time. >shrug<

We have a new demographic at NCTI now. Because of serious water-quality issues, hundreds (thousands?) of people have been evacuated from their reserve on the shore of James Bay (this is even more remote than Moosonee). So, about 250-300 people, native families, arrived yesterday and today. I feel quite bad for them, since they were originally removed due to bad water and were supposed to be here for a month, but since they left, and the government left no one behind, all the water lines in their homes have frozen and broken, so they will be displaced for up to 6 months. Also, they were in Peterborough, but the city ‘kicked them out.’ Not sure of the details there… Lots of the kids do not speak English; it must be quite a shock to be at NCTI (the size of it, the food, the facilities, the two languages being spoken…). It is going to put a bit of a strain on the NCTI staff, as there is an increase in food services, housekeeping, security, etc. The kids will be going to school, but I believe they have brought their teachers in from the reserve, so at least they will be familiar.

So, this weekend will be one of studying, re-reading, practicing, the usual. Apparently, it is going to be quite nice tomorrow (outside, I mean). Perhaps I’ll venture out for a walk. It’s awfully nice for December! And in 3 weeks, I will be home for Christmas! Yay! That is something to look forward to! 🙂


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