We are not androids

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We often make analogies for living at NCTI. The first one is that it is like a prison. We go to class in “D-block” and live in cells, never going outside… but, I think a better analogy is that it is like a senior’s home. Not a nursing home, where they get you out of bed and help you to the bathroom, and not like a senior’s appartment, where you have your own kitchen to cook. It’s more like the type of senior’s home in between:

– We eat what they make, with few choices.
– We sit around at meal times, with the same people every day, at the same table (usually), complaining about the food, talking about the weather, sometimes just in a daze…
– We spend time looking out the windows, but not actually stepping outside very often.
– We don’t leave the facility unless we have a friend with a car, or a friend to come pick us up.
– We get pretty excited when we leave the place – to go anywhere, even Wal-mart. (In fact, Wal-mart is pretty overwhelming when you never get out!)
– All of our air is processed, and the windows don’t open.
– A big difference is that there are stairs everywhere! And not too many senior’s homes have swimming pools and fitness gyms! They should, though… 🙂

That’s about all I can think of for now! Hope everyone is doing well! Remember to focus on the positive and all the things you have to be thankful for. Take some time out and talk to God – tell him whatever is on your mind. And be kind to yourself! No point beating yourself up about mistakes, right? We are human, not androids (therefore, we are not perfect). But if we were androids, we would just be walking, talking computers. Sometimes, that sounds like it would be great (especially when you have lots of things you have to learn and memorize! 🙂 A couple of weeks ago, we had a class on Human Factors. It’s a little scary – we sure make a lot of mistakes! But when technology fails, it really fails, and just sits there, still malfunctioning until someone (a human) comes along and fixes it. But we humans are adaptable, taking a bad situation and turning it around. And we can change – learn how to do our jobs, live our lives, better. One day at a time, I always say! Woo hoo! Humans rejoice!! 🙂


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