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Just a quick note, because I forgot a really funny thing that happened yesterday. We often scope out the dessert section at the cafeteria, and sometimes there are some really good things. Sometimes the cakes are rock hard – I’m not sure if that would be considered metamorhic rock? – but yesterday, one of the guys, who is known to have a bit of a sweet-tooth, noticed a tall, decadent-looking triffle-thing. It had a crust with nuts in it, a layer of chocolate pudding, a layer of butterscotch (I think) and whipped cream on top! It was something like what they call ‘sex-in-a-pan’ but it was 2 inches tall! And, to make it even better, it looked like it might have been made recently (as opposed to the metamorphic cake). Anyhow, we saw him sit down with it, and we all went ‘wow. I have to get me one of those.’ So most of us did. After we had gobbled down lunch and then savoured the dessert, the guy who had first found the dessert sort of leaned back in his chair and said “I think I just became diabetic. Just now. I can feel it.”

It was priceless. Maybe you had to be there, but just the matter-of-fact way he said it… it was too much!

Catch you later! -T.

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