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… it was going to be easy! Well, I did my first eval today. It was not overly hard, and I was not too nervous at the beginning, but part way through I started to get nervous – go figure! And that kind of messed with my concentration a little, and I am sure I made a few mistakes. At supper, our course director found us and gave us the results – not the details, mind you, but the overall results. Unfortunately, I did not pass. All the little piece of paper said was “Criteria not met.” So, there you have it. Hence the title of this blog! Tomorrow I will found out exactly what I did wrong. And I mean exactly, since they tape record the whole thing and listen to pretty much every word we say. The good news is, I will get a practice run before the re-eval on Wednesday. Those of you who believe in God, you know what to do!!! (Pray like crazy!)

The other day, I thought of a new analogy for what I do. Imagine the traffic on the streets of your home town on a lazy Sunday morning, say. Cars and vans, pick-up trucks, the occasional semi, alongside bicyclists… Now imagine that none of them can stop. If they stop, they will crash and the passengers will be injured or die. Now imagine that in order to have them all moving through the city without stopping or hitting each other, there is a team of people who watch over them all, advising them when they should slow down or speed up a little in order to avoid a collision. Or telling them what is going on at the intersection so they can plan what lane they should be in. And telling the ‘little guys’ how to avoid the ‘big guys.’ And all the while telling all of them what the others around them are doing, planning on doing, updating them if something changes, etc… This is a lot like what we do! The planes cannot stop, or they will crash, so we have to make sure they have a clear flight path so they can make it safely to their destination. We advise them – explain verbally – where the other a/c are and what they are doing (turning left, coming in for final landing, etc) so they can avoid each other and suggest a course of action to follow if they don’t suggest something! (The planes do sometimes have to go in circles if they can’t land straight away.) This is a little simplified, but not too far off!

In other news… I went to Deerhurst this weekend, to meet with Joyce and Nancy (not from Science North) for bluegrass!! It was VERY nice to get away. I had worked (studied, practiced, etc) for 5 weeks straight with no days off (only taking Sunday mornings off), so I really needed it! It was a 5 hour drive to get there, and the roads were good. I saw no wildlife (yay!) and enjoyed the drive a lot, listening to music, singing along, you get the idea! When I arrived, I relaxed for a bit, then had dinner and saw a couple of groups play on stage. But, of course, the best music is always in the jamming. After the concerts, people just play in their rooms or in the lobbies and it is great. I stayed up pretty late, and then slept the best sleep I have had in a long time. 🙂 Got up the next morning, said good-bye to Joyce and Nancy and then hit the road. The drive back was nice, too, and completely uneventful (something you want a 5-hour drive to be)! I’m glad I went, to give myself a break from thinking about planes and traffic all the time. I’m sure I would have done no better on the eval if I had stayed here.

That’s about all for this entry. Thanks for readin’ this everybody. Hope you are all doing well! I’ll keep you posted! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nobody Ever Said…

    Paul said:
    November 22, 2005 at 2:37 am

    Women Really Do Run the World
    A new paradigm


    One day my wife and I went out for a cup of coffee, one of those things that I love to do. I was telling her what triggered me to start writing this book. The two things that made me take notice, and drove me to the point of anger, anger to where I felt compelled to do something as drastic as writing a book.
    Keep in mind I have Attention Deficit Disorder so bad that this is painful just sitting here writing this.
    Now the two things that I’m going to mention, I’ll need to do a little clarification.
    At first thought I had to decide what the book was going to be about.
    My goal for this book is that it motivates, (excites) people to take action to help others. If by reading this book someone learns to become a better person, than my goal has been achieved.
    Now that being said let me stimulate your thought by asking some questions. What is going on in the US? The two things that I’ve noticed is the rise in child abductions, and the amount of Female teacher student sexual assaults on the rise.
    You might be scratching your head and asking your self, how does this tie into the title?
    Hang in there with me, and as we go through this. We’ll laugh some, cry some, and grow to be better people together. Remember this is a book to help grow and become better people.

    I remember driving my son home from school one day, and was talking on the phone with Kim Ades about the possibility of writing this book. He over heard the conversation and asked in that 16 year old attitude, “what did you say? Women Really Do Run the World”. Than he said, “I don’t think so”.
    I Laughed, and said, “Who makes you breakfast, who makes you dinner?” He than said, “My Mom”
    That’s when I said, “It sounds to me like she rules your world.”

    josh said:
    November 22, 2005 at 4:09 am

    Good luck with you’re re-eval on Wendsday! I’ll be praying for you. It’s good to hear you’re finding some time to rest in between all the studying. I just keep telling myself there’s only 33 days until Christmas and it makes me feel better :). Good luck!

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