The Stages of Food Acceptance

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Well, I have been very VERY busy, and haven’t had a chance to send a note, although I have plenty to say! I will summarize:

Long week of classes, although only 4 days
Long day yesterday studying, studying, stuyding (preceded by sleeping in 🙂
Lost one more person from my class (so now there are 12 of us). It was not a big surprise, but still slightly sad.
2 Simulator runs – both went moderately well, but I have some practicing to do… They say the next one will be a lot harder.

It is the weekend of girlfriends (4 guys with girlfriend here), due to it being a long weekend. There is one other guy with a girlfriend, but he’s going to see her.

This is also the weekend of children (no pun intended)! There are hundreds of pre-teen girls here (with assorted family members), apparently in town for a hockey tournament. They’re everywhere, they squeal, they run through the halls… it’s not a lot of fun. We are trying to be patient, but when banging and thumping noises wake you up at night, it isn’t easy. Luckily, I sleep rather soundly, but some of my classmates are pretty upset.

We did have a major highlight this afternoon! We finally had the gymnasium available to play sports in! For the last 4 weeks, it has only been available one day (I can barely remember, it was weeks ago) and we were too busy then to use it. Since then, there is always a trade show, or conference, or fancy dinner set up in there. They cover the floor with huge pieces of carpet, so you can’t even try to sneak in between events! Anyhow, the carpet was gone, and even though there are hundreds of kids around (they were all in the pool), we got to use the gym to play a game of volleyball. It was 3 on 3 (the girlfriend guys did not get invited) and we played for an hour. It was GREAT! I haven’t played in a while, but was pretty much on par with the others. We all gave it our best, and had some great rallys (back-and-forths) and tons of fun. 🙂 The guys then played some badminton, but I opted out. Maybe another time…

And I have reached a few conclusions about the food here. The first week, we all liked it, saying things like “hmm, this pasta is good.” “Yay, steak tonight!” “Wow, free food, eh? All you can eat!” And we did. It was great. But it was basically denial. The second week it was more like “good thing it’s free.” “I don’t know what they did to this pasta, but it’s awful.” “Well, they never said it was veal.” So, reality was starting to sink in, but we were still hoping for the best. Meal time during the third week really wasn’t pretty. You can extrapolate forward from the second week… “Stay AWAY from the cream soups! Cream soups are evil!” “It looks like another pizza day*.” “This steak must be grade F!” The fourth week, at long last, we have reached the acceptance phase. Some things are not good. Some things are quite good. Some things are good some of the time. Yes, the rice sometimes has bugs in it (only once, but it only has to happen once to make you wary). Yes, the jello is a little crunchy. But it’s okay. Because it IS free, and somebody else made it, and it’s what we have to eat.

🙂 So, if you live at home and get to make your own food, be thankful!! 🙂

*If all else fails, the pizza is consistently mediocre… unless you get it JUST after it came out of the oven! Yumm…


2 thoughts on “The Stages of Food Acceptance

    Alain said:
    November 13, 2005 at 1:22 am

    I may have to disagree.

    Free Mediocre (or even blah) food made by someone else is SO much better than fantastic expensive (or even moderately priced) food made by yourself.

    Of course we’re both at different stages of our lives and have different views… so I can agree to disagree.

    Alain said:
    November 13, 2005 at 6:00 pm

    (btw, I had plans many month ago of showing you this but Never could find it)

    it has returned:

    Enjoy teresa 😉

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