My Friend Lynne

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My friend Lynne left NCTI today. It was not a total shock, since she had already told me that she wasn’t sure that FSS was for her. So, we had to say good-bye, and although I put up a good strong front, I know I will miss her. I had tears in my eyes when she left, and darn it, I do right now! Part of what makes it tough is the quick-ness of her leaving; she told the course director in the morning and was off to Ottawa in the afternoon. So, now I am alone – the only woman in the group, that is. I don’t think it will be a problem, but sometimes the guys can get a bit crude. Somehow having 2 women there kept them in line a little better, or maybe it is a product of the time we’ve been here. This is the 4th week, and we are pretty comfortable with each other – there’s certainly no more need for good behaviour for that reason! (You know what I mean! All first impressions are over, we’ve been through 2 drinking parties, and now some people feel they can ‘let it all hang out.’)

Tomorrow, we have another 180 sim run. It should be quite interesting, as we have planes close enough together to be considered traffic and possible conflicts as well. We just learned about conflicts today, and it really is not as bad as it sounds. Perhaps I’ll write about that another day!

As I sign off for today, I wish Lynne the best of luck, and I am so glad to have met her. She was a good friend to me for the short time we were together. It is amazing how with some people, you can be friends so quickly, while with others, it takes years or never happens.

We’ll miss you, Lynne!


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