The Maple Tree

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I took the morning off today and sat in my room for awhile contemplating the maple tree outside my window. Fall is here, and you can tell winter is coming because every day the tree loses more leaves. Two weeks ago, it was such a lush, beautiful tree. There were leaves of green, gold, auburn and rust – it was truly a sight to see. Now, it looks quite ugly – the top is almost completely bare, the bottom leaves a washed-out amber colour. I can’t even imagine or remember what it looked like before. It was so full of leaves and full of life. So then I got to thinking, isn’t it the same for us? We have times where we are full of life and then fall comes and we lose some of ourselves, due to pain or heartache. But it is just winter coming, as it does for everyone at some time. And it may be cold and dark, with fierce storms, but even in the winter, the sun shines some days. Then spring – wait til it comes! But like spring in nature, it may be tumultuous, wth unpredictable (emotional) weather. The sunshine increases, but so does the rain. But the sweet relief we feel when winter is truly over, it’s so freeing! We see the potential of life again, in ourselves and in others, potential that is so hard to see when the trees are bare and we can’t remember what they looked like full of leaves and full of life.

So why do we get so anxious about winter coming? In our lives or in nature, it is a season that must come, and we will live through it. And on the other side is spring, full of renewal and potential – think what we can do! We simply have to wait out winter. And if we should suffer a terrible storm, and do not see the spring of life, we’ll be awakened somewhere so much greater that the most beautiful spring day you’ve ever seen will be black-and-white, low resolution, silent and boring in comparison.

So, for anyone out there going through a ‘winter,’ hang in there. It can’t last forever!

One thought on “The Maple Tree

    Jen said:
    November 3, 2005 at 2:37 am

    Good to hear this “winter” doesn’t last to long…I’ve seen far too much already. 🙂

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