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Well, I can’t believe I have been here over a week. I feel like I have been here a month! It is going quite well, with a fairly well established routine each day. Tomorrow I have my first test, which we have all been studying for a lot! I have to make this quick, to go to a “review party” 🙂 in a few minutes. There has been a lot to memorize – basically, on the first or second day, they gave us a 25-page booklet and said “learn this book. Everything in it is on the first test.” This means, all the airways (like highways in the sky, but more complicated) and locations around the March airport – this is the airport that we use in the 180 degree simulator, which we will go into next week. Today we had a session in another simulator, just with communciations equipment, to practice speaking properly and not saying “um” or “this is” or “to.” Basically, you have to say everything with the least number of words possible, and you have to spell things out one letter at a time, and one number at a time. Anyhow, that is what I have been up to, and so you can all wish me luck on my first test, and I will probably make a new entry on the weekend!

Hope everyone is doing well! E-mail if you have any news! 🙂


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