Life at NCTI

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Hi everybody!

I just thought I would take a little time out to tell you about life at NCTI! I need to have supper at 5:30 pm today, and my brain is just a little too fried to do any work (in fact, I’m having some trouble typing!). So… there are only 14 people in my class, and apparently, it’s considered a big class! There may be less by the time we graduate, but there’s 14 of us to start. There are 2 other groups here as well, finishing up, and another group starting week after next. So, they are churning them out, so to speak, and now I’m one 0f them. 🙂

NCTI is pretty big; it’s really better to think of it as a college campus than a building. It’s a complex of about 4 buildings all attached… for almost 2 days, I did not go outside once – not even for a minute!! I put an end to that yesterday and went for a walk despite the rain. Tonight, I am venturing into Cornwall for a chiropractor appointment, so that will be my break. I take a break in the afternoon, after class is over, to try and renew my brain for 4 more hours of studying in the evening.

The people here are really nice! The instructors are great (I’ve had 3 different ones so far) and so are my classmates. We all eat meals together, which is another interesting phenomena, that I’ll have to talk about another time. Sometimes, we study together, or in the same room, quietly on our own, unless we have a question that we think someone can help with! One guy is a pilot, so he knows quite a bit. Also, I am not the only woman; there is another one, who is very nice, and we did some studying together yesterday! We all get along great, and it is very nice to chat over lunch and coffee (we get TWO coffee breaks a day!!)

So what do we study? Well, at the moment, we are learning all the types of aircraft that we will have to visually identify when we work in the field. There are 52 types in all, including 8 Cessnas, about 5 of which look pretty much the same!! It’s fun, though, and we have to learn their abbreviations and such as well. We are also going through REAMS of regulations, guidelines, theory of flight, how airplanes work, responsibilites of an FSS (that’s me!) and airspace definitions and more stuff I can’t remember right now. There is so much to know!! And I’ve only been here 3 days (the first day was pretty much just orientation)!

Well, it’s 5:30, so I must go eat. Hope you are all well. Don’t forget to leave comments or send e-mail! 🙂 I’ll probably post again on the weekend, when I get a minute to think, or need a break from memorizing!


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