My First Day at NCTI

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Well, it’s almost the end of the first day at NCTI. NCTI is the Nav Canada Training Institute (we use a lot of acronyms here!). Let me recap the last few days for you…

Saturday was my last day in Alberta (for awhile). I was feeling a bit sad in the morning, but I went for a walk and felt a bit better after that. In the afternoon, I saw my cousin Deanna and talked/spent time with both my sisters, which was nice and took my mind off things a little. Then there was the time-consuming task of packing, hoping not to forget anything, especially things that are hard or expensive to buy in Cornwall! Mom and Bailey made me some very nice matching winter gear (toque, neckwarmer, headband) which I look forward to using! So, it was a good day overall.

Sunday started early, with the usual gloom of a departure looming. But, I just keep thinking back to all the fun, relaxing, neat things I did (many you’ve read about in this blog) and that helped. Even though I had to leave, I felt as though I had spent the time wisely with no regrets, which really is the way to go if you have to leave your family to go across Canada, again! 🙂 My flight was delayed in Toronto (we sat for about 40 minutes on the taxiway waiting for our turn to take-off), but I got into Ottawa safe and sound, if a bit late! There was a little scare with a note in my registration stuff saying there was a test that night, that I had missed due to my late arrival, but it turned out to be a practical joke put on by the class of FSS* before us (who are still here, finishing up).

Today was quite a day. It started out with stress over simple things, like wondering exactly how to find the cafeteria… NCTI is rather labyrinthian, although thankfully, there are lots of windows and natural light. Once the cafeteria was found, I wondered where are the plates kept? It’s these small things that interfere with breakfast that can cause some stress, let me tell you!!! But, it all worked out fine, once I found the plates and the eggs, and then the dining room (one of them). I made it to class on time (a little early actually), and the morning was spent just orienting us to this place (it’s really quite big), meeting various managers and instructors, and finding out about how the course will work and such. In the afternoon, we had some study tips from an educational specialist, and it was a good review. Tomorrow, we dive into the meat of things (perhaps ‘air’ is a better term?) and start learning the material for the job. The textbook I had to read prior to arriving here will turn out to be helpful, I think… we’ll see.

That’s all for now, folks! I have to go look over the stuff for tomorrow. Everybody take care of yourselves, and keep in touch!

*FSS is Flight Service Specialist (that’s what I’ll be!)


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