Observations on Alberta

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I thought I would put down a few observations on Alberta… just things I have noticed since I’ve been here. Some are particular to rural life, but several are general.

They are hiring everywhere. No joke. I have never seen “we’re hiring” signs in the windows of basically every business out there. Spooky. Now, I hear on the news that in particular tradesmen, welders, and construction workers are really needed, but so are fast-food people, gas stations, Canadian Tires, Wal Mart slaves, etc!!

People involved in anything to do with oil work A LOT. I have heard stories of tradesmen working 6 weeks straight (42 days in a row) because there aren’t enough of them. Also, it does not slow down in winter, as you might think. In some places, winter roads are the only/best way in (mostly in NWT or Yukon, but it’s related to oil) and so in winter, work actually picks up.

There are an awful lot of tractors on the road. Not so much in Edmonton, mind you! 🙂 In my non-exhaustive studies of my parent’s road, I have observed the following percentages of traffic types:
Tractors and other farm equipment: 50%
Pick-up trucks: 40%
“Big” trucks (semis, grain or gravel trucks): 5%
All other traffic (cars, mini vans, quads): 5%
Just yesterday, I saw 3 John Deere tractors in 1 mile, in about 1 minute. Wild, eh? 🙂

Some people are waiting for things to happen. For the farmers, it’s waiting for the grain (or the hay) to dry. For hunters, it’s waiting for the season to start. For oil workers, it’s waiting for some time off! For city folk, it’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.

There are a lot of stabbings in Edmonton. Not sure why, but it seems to be the thing when it comes to murders. Many are gang related, and I guess guns are too noisy…?

You can’t just watch for cops anymore. You have to also watch for cameras. For example, if you should happen to be going slightly fast in a construction zone… They have photo-radar in Alberta, so you can cruise through and not even realize you’ve been caught – until you get the ticket in the mail. This, thankfully, has not happened to me (honest!)!

Well, that’s it for now! Enjoy wherever you are, and feel free to send observations about where you live, relating to these obs or others!


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