First Aid Works!

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I got to use my first aid training on Monday!! My dad had been outside, clearing some brush and removing some fences with a chainsaw. Well, he had just cut a piece of a fence and it was falling over, so he moved his knee slightly… you guessed it, he hit his knee with the chainsaw. Now, it could have been much MUCH worse, but it is quite a gash. He came into the house and sat on a chair near the door, head in his hands. I said “hey Dad, how’s it going? I heard you working with the chainsaw!” I obviously didn’t realize he was hurt! He just said “I hit my knee with the chainsaw. Get me some water.” He was in shock pretty bad. I couldn’t really see how bad it was, so I helped him get his jeans off, and then cut the leg off his long johns (it’s pretty cold here, we’re all wearing them). That’s when I saw it – about 6 cm long, 1 cm wide – whew, my heart went THUMP THUMP, but I didn’t get quesy or anything. So, I grabbed the first aid kit and found some bandages and did what I knew I had to do. It wasn’t bleeding very much, considering. Thankfully, the gash was on top of the knee, and slightly towards the outside of the leg, and he didn’t hit any major arteries. When he moved his leg, though, I thought I saw parts of his knee joint – yikes! Anyhow, Dad was pretty dizzy, but he drank some water and even ate a weiner when I wasn’t looking!! I don’t think you’re supposed to eat when you’re in shock!! After 15 minutes, my Mom got home from work, so we loaded Dad in the car and went to emerg. There was no wait (blood helps speed things up a little!) and he got something like 30 stitches. The gash is about 1 cm deep, and almost hit his kneecap.

So, it sure could have been a lot worse!! If he had hit 8 cm higher, it would have been his leg muscle and possibly some arteries… if he had gone down, it would have been awhile before I went outside… if the chainsaw had been revving, not just idling, he could have gone right through the joint… if I had not been home, he would have had to call someone to come over… if my Mom had not come home when she did, I would have had to drive him to the hospital by myself… So, we have many things to thank God for this week! My dad’s in a fair bit of pain, and it REALLY hurts if he bends his knee, but he is managing to get around. I might need to help with the harvesting, but I certainly don’t mind that. That’s why I’m here. 🙂

Therefore quote of the week: “Hey, Dad, you could be on ER with a gash like that!” said by me as he was laying in the hospital waiting for stitches

Take care, everybody! And if you know where to buy chainsaw pants (made from some kind of thick leather), let me know! 🙂


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